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Mask Distribution Drive

In the time of COVID, the public vendors and street servicemen are struggling and risking their lives for people's safety. The campaign was broadcasted on 15th August to gratitude of these fighters against COVID! This initiative was taken to care for such people and provide them and their family members with masks to ensure their safety.

Ration Kit Distribution

Following the pandemic COVID-19 and subsequent nationwide lockdown, SOCH NGO had undertaken initiatives to provide ration to the underprivileged people who have been the most affected by the ongoing financial crisis. SOCH's initiative was launched following the pandemic COVID-19 and subsequent nationwide lockdown. With the support of individuals SOCH had distributed Ration kits to 55 families that can feed around 220 people in a week.

Make Diwali Happy

SOCH launched a Diya distribution campaign for migrant workers and daily wage labourers in Bareilly. With the support of individuals we have distributed diya kits to 51 families. We have inaugurated this campaign on 11 November 2020 (as After two days Diwali festival is there). By donating Diya kits we have made sure to light up few families with lights and sweets, Each kit contained 5 diyas with diya wick, Sufficient oil for each diya and sweets. We are very grateful to all the people who helped us to complete this mission. We want to say a big thanks to all the donors for their great generosity.

Winter Clothes Distribution

We distributed Ration in the month of September and even after distributing so many kits there were few people whom we were not able to feed, At that time the lady in the picture came to us and said “Aapne hame toh diya hi nahi” and we promised that we will come back again and give her something for sure. While running campaign for distributing Winter clothes we came back to the same place and find this lady and give her the clothes and say “Pehchana apne, hamne kaha tha na ki ham wapas aayenge”. She recognised us and we must say the smile on her face was all enough to fill our day with joy. We are may be not doing for thousands or lakhs of needy people but we are really proud to share that we are keeping our promises alive and doing whatever is possible.