Live with Pride

Be the change you wish to see in the world

About Project

Our current program PRIDE - जियो गर्व से is a specially designed project for the Transgender people in the Community. In which we focus on Educating and Empowering the Transgender population. We will be following the 3A Model (Able, Aware and Accept) approach in accentuating this program in order to help them walk among the crowd wearing their pride and holding their heads high in this society and giving this marginalized community an opportunity to earn their place which is due to them since centuries.

The Problem community is going through

The Transgender population have either zero access to Education or Jobs or have it in minute percentage. Due to this lack of Education and Stigma associated with them, they even struggle to meet the basic needs of food and shelter because of which they indulge into activities like begging, sex work, manual labor jobs etc. This stigma often leads to social exclusion of the transgender people within the society leading to low self-esteem and mental health issues.

Solution our Organization is offering

We at SOCH believe that everyone has right to live a respectful life and so we will be Educating and Empowering them by :

  1. Launching Upskilling programs of both kinds (Personality Development + Professional Skills).
  2. Upskilling programs for self-sustainability.
  3. Sensitizing the workplaces.
  4. Deploying the people from the community in workplaces like (Corporates, Restaurants, Colleges etc.)
  5. If in case someone wants to start their own for e.g., Stitching, Cooking Services or anything like that, We will provide them the basic support.

The Bigger problem that will be solved by doing this

  1. People of the community can lead a respectful life, they would not need to beg, or sex work for their survival.
  2. We will be able to see more Diversity and Inclusion at workplaces which will increase Awareness and Acceptance.
  3. We Will be able to contribute our bit to achieve SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) No. 5 and 10 which is Gender Equality and Reduced Inequalities.

  4. Visit at Basera Samjik Sansthan in Noida