Live with Pride

Be the change you wish to see in the world

It has been around three months since I have joined this organization, and it has been a wonderful experience. I'm a part of the R&D Team and have learned a lot. It has been a phenomenal experience to work with all of my teammates. It has helped me a lot in improving my Communication and Management skills, and at the same time working here with people of different backgrounds has broadened my thinking. It gives me a positive outlook on every problem.

Rashmita Soni

IIT Delhi

Interning with SOCH has been a beautiful experience. Each week we are given new tasks to challenge and expand our expertise in different areas. Shivangi Ma'am and Aniket Sir are always a call away and make the interactions very enriching and delightful that we look forward to. They offered a warm and welcoming environment where I had the opportunity to learn a great deal about issues affecting the LGBTQIA+ community through Project Pride.

Soumya Bhartiya

IIT Delhi

I am pleased to share my experience with SOCH. I have highly improved my skills in design as they gave us the freedom to design according to our will. I also had one-one interaction with Shivangi ma'am, and she told me that I needed to improve my communication skills. They also encouraged us to be the speaker of the week and represent our vision or suggestion for the team.

Aditya Narayana

IIT Delhi

Interning at SOCH has been an incredible experience. Working on the pride project taught me a lot about the LGBT+ community, and has made me more aware of their issues. The work environment is also highly gratifying, and Shivangi Ma'am and Aniket Sir encourage us to talk about our problems and do their best to assist us. It's been pleasure for me to work here.

Luvleen Lodha

IIT Delhi

I've always wanted to make a direct impact on society, which I believe I've accomplished by interning at SOCH. Shivangi mam and Aniket sir are always available for advice and assistance. Not only did I get to work with a wonderful team, but we also had the opportunity to suggest organizational changes. I loved and enjoyed working with this organization.


IIT Delhi

Volunteering at SOCH is excellent! SOCH name itself brings positivity when you just hear for first time. They pushed me to speak up far more frequently and confidently. I also discovered a lot about various communities. So, I feel like I've matured as a person, and I owe it to SOCH for that. A Big thanks to Shivangi Ma'am and all my fellow changemakers.

Shreyansh Singh

IIT Delhi